About Taraney Nicole Vigil

Howdy Queens,

My Personal Story

Gratefully life has guided me to who I am today, not only for my own divine development, but also to understand the triumph of our human spirit & its ability to reborn.

I have heard the strong calling to work with sacred arts since I was 15 years old, and after many years of working with holistic healing for emotional & spiritual liberation. I have devoted myself fully to being a guide for others spiritual transformation.

I now live in central Texas, working primarily in Austin, but often throughout the state, as well as in Denver, and throughout California. Through Earthney I offer sacred energy healing sessions, retreats, trainings, & group programs. I am a painter by pleasure and love wandering aimlessly in meadows. 

My Modalities

Usui Reiki Master Teacher since 2013 | 200 hr Hatha Yoga Teacher | Kundalini Yoga Certified | Holistic Doula | Intuitive Healer | Sound Healing Practitioner | Plant Elixir & Essence Marker

Lets Grow Together

Learn more about how I can support you through your personal development. I would be honored to guide you into a life of self-healing, strong emotional freedom, and divine inner knowing. Together we can awaken the Sacred Feminine within.

My upbringing was wild in its nature. For as far back as I can remember I have found myself feeling isolated with anxiety, depression, and the deep fear of neglect. Gracefully the universe guided me to Reiki at the age of fourteen while living in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the time I was self harming, due to living in a really bad situation. Mental health care was inaccessible to me, and I am a firm believer that Reiki saved my life.

In February 2013 I received my Reiki one certification, and it immediately changed my life. Within a few months I moved back home to Colorado, healed my relationship with my mom, got clean in every way possible, and began digging into my childhood traumas. There I met my Reiki Master Colin Dougherty. He thought me all that i know about energy healing and channeling it into my creations. He gave me my Reiki 2 and 3 attunements, and I will forever cherish all that he has thought me.

Since then I have traveled around the world learning ancient healing modalities while building my passion guiding others through the thresholds of life. Aside from Reiki, I am also certified in teaching Kundalini and Hatha yoga. Sound healing & crystal healing are intuitive medicines for me and weave through my vibrational medicine. In 2020 I have begun to train with Angela Gallo as a dynamic Doula focused in holistic birthing for women for both prenatal and postpartum service. In 2018 I founded Houston Healing Circles, a nonprofit effort to bring mass donation based sound healing meditations to people in the city of Houston, Texas. I am now in my twenties, a full-time business owner & artist visionary fulfilling my mission to reawaken the sacred feminine on global scale.

Along the journey, my greatest teacher was found within myself.

Life has guided me to heal and transcend beyond the trauma of my past to be reborn in a life of emotional and spiritual empowerment.

You can now find me traveling and teaching how to be your own healer. I have a private practice work as a Holistic Doula in Texas, as well as women’s mentorship programs. You can often catch me in the woods near a river making my artwork. I choose to follow however my medicine takes form, and love sharing it to the world. Now is the time to be empowered, build your skills, and really follow your heart.