Lets create magic together


Thank you for your interest in mentoring with me as your spiritual coach! I am excited to guide you through the threshold of who you are becoming.
The investment for my 1-on-1 coaching is based on a sliding scale of $333 per month for three moon phases.

This includes two 60-90 minute facetime or zoom guidance sessions on the New & Full Moons. On the Firs & Last Quarter moons, you will have assigned playwork (homework) to push you to do the dedicated inner work, and our guided rituals + meditations! Through our journey together you will also receive two distance healing sessions when needed. We will also intuitively create an Essence or Elixir for you!

I only take on 5 women at a time, so that this can be a focused and sustainable practice. Private mentorship is the most effective way to work together and create the big changes your life is needing.

If you are interested, please fill out the following form. Once we receive your information we will set up a time for a discovery call. Please give us for 3-5 business days for Taraney to schedule your Three Moon Mentorship phone call to see if you two are a good fit. If this is not aligned for you at the moment, please check out our individual healing sessions.