1-ON- 1 Apprenticeship


Spiritual guidance to rebirthing yourself.

Whether you’re seeking rebirth in your personal or professional life, or craving sacred ritual and connection, we will create an individual plan to help manifest your dreams and embrace a life of passion, pleasure, and purpose.

Next mentorship round: October 1 – December 1, 2020

Earthney Sacred Gifts for Your Highest Life

Do you crave a new way of living that empowers you emotionally, energetically, & spiritually?


The Moon is a sacred crystal in the sky, and when we tap into its power – magic happens.

Aligning with the phases of the Moon empowers your ability to change in a way that is graceful and deeply supported by the universe.
With the guidance of moon magic we will manifest all that you are wanting to bring into your life, as well as let go of beliefs and practices that keep you disempowered.

There are a total of 29.5 days in the Moon’s cycle. Our mentorship will take place over three full Moon cycles totaling 88 days. Beginning with the Full Moon, we will work with practices that align with the four major phases to create real change that is in alignment with your personal goals & purpose.
Taraney has designed this program over three months to create consistency and accountability. This allows us to work on the various levels of self-discovery for prolonged success. Through our mentorship we will engage in spiritual work to transform your reality into doing what you love & loving what you do.

Phase 1 is all about clearing & finding your true goals.
Phase 2 is all about channeling your passion into action & making necessary changes.
And phase 3 is our time to ground in what we have been shown & build a sustainable plan for the future.

The four major phases we will be working with each month are

This is a time of letting go.
During the Full Moon, the energy can be quite high, making it a potent time for declaring change. Together we will use this energy to build a personalized ritual of shedding away anything that needs to be let go of in order to move into full embodiment of your divinity.
This ritual will hold 1 remote or in person spiritual clearing from Taraney. 1 journaling prompt to explore what needs to be let go of, and 1 activating practice for you to build your divine relationship with the Full Moon.

This is a time of action.
In half light & darkness, this Moon phase has strong lessons of honoring the old to welcome in the new. During this time we can expect to make challenges in our lifestyle as well as invite in new practices that can hold what we are manifesting. This is a time of staying mindful of every action & take blockages as an opportunity to reevaluate your course of action.
Together we will hold an honoring ceremony to pay reverence to which needs balance. We will also create an action & accountability plan as the first steps to rebirthing you.

This is a time of rebirth.
During this time the sun & moon let us know what we are supported in setting powerful intentions. This is a strong time to manifest through your actions, as well as voice your needs to the universe. During this time you will receive all that you need to sustain what you are setting intentions for.
Together we will do hold a unique New Moon ritual of setting intentions & finding your voice. We will also hold an activation for your mind, body, and spirit.

This is a time of allowing.
Symbolically we in our most neutral state giving us a clear perception on who we are & what is or isn’t working. New intentions begin to emerge & you will dig deeper into what direction your life is heading into. 
Together we will hold a ceremonial healing so that you can tap into your intuition & build a connection with your soul on a higher level. From here we will know where there is resistance & where there is allowance.


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Begin your Three Moon Mentorship application


We will meet through a video call between the three days of the full, new, first, and last quarter Moon for 60 minutes. After this call you will practice your ritual or receive your ceremonial healing. The specific day and time we meet is flexible and able to accommodate to your availability.

I encourage my clients to develop a daily morning practice that tunes them into their sacred femininity. At the minimum, I ask you to commit to at least 5 minutes of deep breathing every morning to ground your energy, quiet your mind, and cultivate a loving vibration to sustain you throughout the day. This will help you in rebirthing yourself is the core of creating change within.

There may be a few agreements during our session that take you’ll need to hold space for. This should be no more than 1 hour per week. This is your personalized ritual or self-healing time. I believe that the actions you take between sessions are just as important than our sessions together. It grants you the feminine wisdom and empowerment what will drive our mentorship together.

Working with the combination of the spiritual energy and the practical actions is what bring sustainable change!

Once again, the highlight of this private coaching offering is that it’s personalized for you, so wherever you are, I will meet you there.

We will start off with a guided meditation to ground us tap into each others energy. We will invite in guidance and support from the Universe, your spirit guides, angels, ancestors (whatever higher power / beings you feel most connected to) and / or simply the wisdom of your own sacred feminine energy.

We will begin with a recap of your last week, and you will be able to ask me any question you may have, or share breakthroughs that you experienced. Through this check-in I will guide you to reflect on what is most president for you right now during this specific moon phase. In this check-in we will unveil the core challenges or stagnation in your present moment.

Since every session is personalized to your unique needs, we will focus on what is relevant and showing up for you the strongest. During this time we may pull cards or engage in other forms of divination to gain insight into the best course of action.

The phase we are in will guide us form here, if we are in phase 1 we will spend time clearing goal setting with the moon. Phase 2 focus is on channeling passion into action. Phase 3 is for grounding and sustainability through our rituals.

This means that our earlier sessions will focus more on developing your morning practice and sacred rituals, as well as healing. Midway, our journey will focus on self-expression and purposeful actions, and our last sessions will focus on grounding in insights & sustainability for your hard work. However, when we begin, each one of you will be in a different phase of your life, so ultimately each session will be met exactly where you are.

At the end of the session we will agree on what actions are needed this week to support the necessary changes. We will then do our remote healing or ceremony together.

Accountability is the back bone of a successful transformation, and this will be my biggest roll for you. I will remind you to take action and build consistency for yourself.