Yarrow Flower Essence



Yarrow flower essence is a protective ally, both emotionally and energetically. It reminds us of the deep need to set boundaries, and live in a way that respects them deeply. It strengthens the auric field leaving you in a luminescent field of honor, grace, and respect. This shield of white light will protect you from taking on others burdens, psychic influences, or any other unwanted characteristics.

Taking the Yarrow flower essence is extremely powerful for those who tend to others in a way of service or: massage therapists, coaches, teachers, food industry, are retail sellers. It puts up a friends shield between us and the world so that we can do our work authentically without the worry of absorbing. Through Yarrows protective sphere, we are able to maintain compassionate awareness and comfortable sensitivity. In the same way it is also of great service to those who identify as Empaths or High Sensitive People.

During times of great change, this essence offers the remind of a trusted heart, and will nurture the doubtful parts of your mind. When craving change, this medicine will take you inward to find the next step.

This essence is made from White Yarrow flowers which particularly focuses on gathering purity. The abundant small flowers are grown in a cluster at the top of a long strong stem. This growth pattern shows us that Yarrow teaches up how to stand strong, hold others, and live our life with respected boundaries.

Enjoy orally, in a beverage, or bath. Take up to 10 drops a day.

Preserved in brandy or pure organic vegetable glycerin | Harvested and made in Mount Shasta, California.

Weight8 oz


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