Full Moon Temple of Her Gathering

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Shakti Femininity + Luna
June 5, 2020 7:30 PM CDT


Shakti Femininity + Luna
June 5th, 2020 7:30 PM CST

The Moon is quite literally a huge crystal in our sky, and it has a tremendous influence on our mind, body, and especially our spirit. The Moon has always been a feminine essence to me, and the astrological medicine she offers us runs deep.
The Moon holds a gravitational pull that is gifted in complete support and guidance through the ebb & flow of life.

Working with the phases of La Luna, we expand our ability to tune in with the world in a way that is ancient and deeply nourishing. The Full Moon and New Moon phase is the most powerful time to work with the healing guidance of The Moon.

In this Ceremony we honor the Full Moon phase. During the Full Moon, the energy can be quite high, making it a potent time for declaring change, letting go, and letting be. In La Luna’s holy light we can bare witness to our own illumination and see ourselves deeper. Through the Temple of Her gathering we tune in with breathwork to unravel all that is needed so that we can get to the core of our spirit. We then do a Full Moon guided healing meditation / visualization centered around the La Luna’s medicine.

Come to heal, evoke, and worship your own inner Moon Goddess!

Our gathering is held remotely using Zoom. Within 24 hours of purchasing your ticket, you will be emailed the meeting link to access our sacred remote gathering. All you need for this gathering is your cell phone and computer. You are invited to bring something to drink, water, tea, or juice, as well a journal. Our practice will be about 1.5 hours, so make sure you have somewhere comfortable to sit.

1 review for Full Moon Temple of Her Gathering

  1. Nikki (verified owner)

    These gatherings bring peace and tranquility to my week. You can feel Taraney’s energy radiate as she guides us to our own inner light. I love these sessions!

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