Spiritual Healing + Counseling


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Taraney’s expertise is assisting you in finding what exactly is blocking you from inner peace and happiness. Whether you are struggling because of a specific issue, or are wanting to rebirth yourself this session sets you up to get true guidance. Talking assists us in working out the kinks and getting to the roots of what is at hand. Sharing our stories and having someone to confidentially talk to about our struggles is an empower way to grow and get advice. Taraney’s intuitive ability to tune into your energy and get direct guidance from spirit is healing on its own.

Combined with a 1 hour session using Reiki, crystals, and sound healing rounds out to a full on healing within the mind, body, and spirit.

45 minute talk therapy + 1 hour energy healing session

Some of the modalities we use during our sessions are:

Reiki energy healing
Sound Healing 
Crystal Therapy 
Gemstone & Flower Essences 
Kundalini Yoga 
Oracle & Tarot Card Readings 

Please book your session here & Taraney will email you within 24 hours to schedule your session.


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