Soul Revival


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Soul Revival is an herbal elixir that deeply cares for the energetics of human life. For folks with a tender heart, or anyone who is going through change – good or bad times, this medicine will soothe you from the inside out. Simply made with deep care for the waning curves of our life, Soul Revival is a true ally when stressed. It has a cooling affect on the whole body and will nourish the nervous system as well as the adrenals.

May this herbal medicine be a energetic master at reviving you on days where life is rough. Allow Soul Revival to be a ritual of coming home to yourself. Consciously choose to close your eyes, come into the present moment, and receive.

This medicine is profound for folks who experience stress, particular in areas of the home life, heartbreak, and even recovering from addiction.

Enjoy a spirit dose of 3-11 drops a day orally.

Ingredients include, Hawthorn leaf and flower, milky oats, honey, and organic vodka.

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