Sacred Waters | Floral Hydrosol Mist


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The rolling of rivers, creeks, and ocean tides have waved our spirits into peace since the beginning of time. 

That sweetness is the inspiration for our Sacred Waters mist. It is a cooling combination of flowers with a rich scent distilled by hand. Sacred Waters is medicinal for the body and the spirit. Infused with the magnificent scents of Rose, Witch Hazel, and Life Everlasting, this cleansing spray uplifts your energy and completion.

In moments when life runs dull and your spirit is searching for a recalibration, use some of our Sacred Waters Mist to expand your aura. Use Sacred Waters to invoke confidence, centeredness, and motivation to keep on rolling.  Sacred Waters encourages you to keep flowing and to stay light.

Rose, Witch Hazel, and Life Everlasting are the sacred flower power trio in Sacred Waters. Using their attributes after washing your face can ease completion and bring a relaxing cooling to your skin. It is one  of the best sacred self-care products we have to offer.

Keep a bottle in your purse, spray your body, your hair, your pillows, car, and even crystals to anoint your life with the healing energy of our planets Sacred Waters.

Contins // Essence and distilled oils from Rose, Witch Hazel, Life Everlasting. Crystals of Watermelon Tourmaline. 

 • Intended for external use only •

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