Remote Intuitive Healing Session

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You are here because you would like to schedule an in person or remote session with Taraney Nicole Vigil.

Please choose the block of time you would like for your session. If Taraney has given you instructions for the length, choose what she has guided you towards.

Please honor our 24 Hour cancelation policy.

Session Details

Sessions are an opportunity to receive encouragement and support through your spiritual self-discovery. It is a safe space to explore vulnerability, overcome traumas, and receive pure healing energy. Whether you are looking for guidance, energy clearing, or even a self-initiation, sacred sessions are your doorway to the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Working one on one we cultivate a state of inner peace and strength that reawakens all that you have forgotten. You are encouraged to create a dialog with your inner world and many guides. Whatever is concerning your heart, mind, or spirit can be enlightened through a sacred session.

This listing is for a 60-minute session, but we also have the availability to do 90 minutes and even two hours sessions.

Disclaimer: My sessions consist of pure energy healing. The frequency I channel are not mine but are from the universe. All that I do is from a deep space of love and compassion. Any blockages or wound that come up are a result of suppressed or present blockages within the client. The client is responsible for any issues or complications from previous lives or present life that come up to the surface for healing. Thank you.


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