Passionflower Essence


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Passionflower is a mystical blooming flower of vibrant colors and energy. It is a relaxant that brings you into an inner state of nourishment. The cool and sweet energy Passionflower will center your heart, and transforms your relationship with the outside world into a stable, loving experience.

In its essence form, Passionflower is for the lovers, dreamers, and inner minded folks. It is excellent at bringing you outside of your comfort zones in order to reveal your beauty and authentic core. For those who often have trouble with their nerves, this medicine with soothe your nervous system, while bringing you back to the very roots that house your passion. Social anxiety, self doubt, and fight or flight habits can be transformed by taking this flower essence.

If you are searching for balance and grounding, this essence is for you. When taking it our breaths get deeper, your senses are heightened, and our bodies are encourages to relax.

Enjoy up to 10 drops a day

This flower essence can be taken orally, topically, in baths, or added to homemade products as a blessing of peace.

Handmade in spring water on the Autumn Equinox.

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