Orchid Flower Essence


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This lovely flower essence is handcrafted with pink orchid flowers. Orchid divinely enhances ones sensual energy and it is ultimately a symbol of personal pleasure. This essence wishes to guide you within where sexual healing is needed. For someone who is looking to add more pleasure into their life, this lovely flower essence is a true friend. Orchid essence is also perfect at serving one’s strengths and it brings awareness to both inner and outer resources. It will bring relief to the wounds that are well past due of healing, and will bring relief to all past traumas, when intentions are set. 

For women with sacral chakra and fertility blockages this essence will open up your womb space to receive direct energy healing.

In partnerships, this essence can be helpful in deepening the sacred bond that is created when two souls make love. It opens her heart to receive love and sensuality effortlessly – it comes to open that door, and show us that we can be in the present moment and witness true love at its finest magic.

For those who have trauma in the sacral chakra, this essence is perfect for going in and clearing out the blockages and energy created from that experience. It will offer you a safe space within yourself to rebuild your own confidence, connection, and ability to dwell within the divine sensuality is within you. 

 Enjoy it to 10 drops daily.


This essence is perfect on its own, and water tea, or sacred bathwater. 


 Handmade and spring water, and is preserved and pure organic vegetable glycerin.  1 oz 

Weight8 oz


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