Medium Amethyst Clusters


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Amethyst as been one of the highest regarded crystals dating back to ancient Egypt. Its energy is graceful in its ability to bring relaxation, as well as deep seeded spiritual activation. 

Amethyst is a protective crystal, making it good to work with during spiritual exploration like meditation, yoga, or energy healing. It resonates deeply with the third eye and crown chakra. When working with astral projection, you’ll want this crystal near!

All of our crystals are Reiki charged and blessed for pure high vibrational energy.

Reiki activated Amethyst is one of the most profound crystals for spiritual growth. These glorious had selected Amethyst crystals are perfect for any spiritual human as we navigate this physical reality. 

When you purchase this item Taraney will intuitively choose which crystal resonates for you! Each peace is unique and all are profoundly vibrant.  


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