El Sueño


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Botanical Salve to calm the Human spirit.

Soft, graceful, and sweet, El Sueno is the attractor of dreams. There are times when our nerves are high, our mind is in a disarray, and even our spirits feel uninspired. In times life these it is most important to turn to our sacred medicinals. El Sueño is crafted to aid in times like these. Instantly when you apply this salve the warmth settles in to calm your nervous system. The herbal attributes easily seep into your skin, into then wise web of nerves that live right beneath the surface.

This slave can use used on inflames areas of the body where pain and trauma are stored. Many folks have witness wonders when using these plants for pain relief of the mind and body.

Contains // Lavender, Vanilla Bean, and Lavender infused on Organic Olive Oil for one Full Moon Cycle. Ethically harvested Beeswax and a pinch of Mica crystals. 

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