Dreamworker Elixir


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Dreams are our key into imagination, subconscious lessons, and activation into a world beyond this physical reality. When we actively engage with the dreamworld through curiosity, intention setting, plant magic, or ritual we open the gates to our mind in honor of invoking a new level of holy spirit work.

Dreams are a profound tool for communication, deep healing, and soul discovery.

The Dreamwork Elixir is a tool to open your subconscious mind, while allowing the plants to work their magic. The herbs within this elixir will relax you, assist you in maintaining a deep breath, and directly connect with your beloved spirit guides, ancestors, and higher self.

Initiate 3-11 drops orally before bed or in a hot tea with intention.

Ingredients: Elixir of Motherwort, Lobelia, Mugwort, Hawthorn, and our Divine Guidance gemstone essence.

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