Divine Guidance Essence


We have all faced a time in our life and we can use some guidance. Whether it be in work, school, relationships, and even inner conflicts, we have all faced adversity at one point or another – this can be difficult to navigate, no matter what stage of life we are in.

This gemstone essence is your hand in need when times get tough. It is designed and programmed to help you call upon the divine beings who love you so much, and encourages you to reach out for guidance.

This profound energy medicine is made from the vibration of labradorite, citrine, fluorite, amethyst, moonstone, and quartz. It has a few drops of the La Abeja Herb’s Magenta Cholla flower essence to give you that extra support in order to go within and find the answers when you are seeking guidance for life’s toughest lessons. It will assist you in knowing who to trust and when things need to come to an end.

May the essence show you the way to discernment and the deep wisdom of trusting your intuition. During times of transformation this medicine will initiate divine guidance to show you the way home to your gut.

Use this essence to guide your life, so that you can be the best lover, student, teacher, and healer possible.

This medicine can be enjoyed by taking 10 drops daily. You can enjoy it and water, on its own orally, or in a bath to initiate sacred space.

1 oz – captures in Spring Water – preserves with pure organic vegetable glycerin.

Weight1 oz


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