Crystal Energy Healing Workshop

Discussion + Q&A + Crystal Sound Bath

We will be gathering remotely through zoom on July 18th 11 am CDT for this wonderful workshop! 
If you have been curious about the world of crystal healing and are intrigued to learn on how you can add their properties into your daily life, we invite you to join our donation based workshop!

Beginners and seasoned crystal folks are welcome to join, as we will be learning techniques and insights that will most likely be new to many! Crystal programing, clearing, and energy healing uses are the topic we will be covering. We will also be holding dedicated time for a Q&A so that you can ask Taraney a question!

Taraney has been working with crystals intimately for healing for over 10+ years now, focusing on their ability to work as tools. Crystals are code keeps of the Earth, and when used correctly unveil a whole new level of oneness within our connection to life.

Science + magic meet to offer us mineral medicine.

If you’re ready to step deeper into this modality this workshop is a lovely first step.

(Workshop itinerary & bonuses below)



This is a donation based event, you must donate the minimum of $1 to join our gathering. Those who donate over $25 will receive a crystal gemstone essence for psychic protection! This is essence is handmade by Taraney under the new moon.

Because we are gathering remotely, it is important that each person who is present for the live class is in an environment where they can focus and engage fully in this class. After purchasing you will get a memo containing the gathering link and special detain on how to prepare.

If you have any questions regarding the class please email

There will be a replay sent our after our remote gather, so if you are unable to join the live event, you can still take part in this offering!

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