Blessings Oil



This heavenly oil is herbal infused with Yarrow flowers and Saint Johns wort. These two herbs work wonders with the emotional body and releasing stressful tension from the muscles. Using it with truly bless you from head to toe with happiness, grace, and belief. 

We all go through times when life becomes dense, emotions become array, and even our stability begins to crumble. The truth is, in times like this the #1 thing we must do go back to nature. Our Blessing Oil is made from mother earths heavenly gifts to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Simply anointing the oil on your feet, putting a few drops in the bath, or rubbing your whole body in this heavenly gift will transform your life in the best way Taraney uses this daily, and envisions this oil creating a field of light and protection around her through the flower power! 

Handmade by Taraney, the herbal infused oil is made with a base of organic and sustainably sourced Olive Oil. The herbs soaked for one full moon cycle in honor of bringing abundance and tranquility to your life. 

Weight1 oz


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