Balanced Being Elixir


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Master of balance – nurturer of peace 

This homemade elixir is a nurturing medicine for the mind and spirit. When the ebb and flow of life falls out of balance, everything can feel dense, and even block us from remembering our peace.

Peace must be a priority if we want to live from a space of true joy. This medicine holds that remembrance through its herbal power. The truth is, life is always working for us. When we come together with heart, plant medicine, and the desire for healing balance is ready to take the lead.

Quiet your mind, take a deep breath, and welcome 3-11 drops of this magical elixir into your body, and slowly weave into your spirit and mind.

Feel the shift, welcome in peace, and trust that everything is working out just fine.

Ingredients: Elixir of motherwort, milky oats, oat straw, passionflower, red raspberry leaf, honey, with organic vodka and essences of yarrow and orchid flowers. 

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