Smoke Medicine Blend – Juniper, Sage, and Lavender


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This profound blend of medicinal herbs have been put together to be used as Smoke medicine, also know as “smudge”. This combination of Juniper, Sage, and Lavender purifies negative energy of all kinds, while also calling upon nurturance and anxiety relief.

Burning this blend and running the smoke along you body, walls of your home, and even you can will keep clarity within your energy field, as well as protection and true peace. Just a little bit of smoke is needed for the purification to take place.

All the ingredients within this smoke medicine wand are sustainably sourced and organic. The Juniper is Wildcrafted from the Texas Hill Country, as well has the Lavender. The Sage was purchased in a small loose leaf batched from a local botanica.

The energy from these smoke wands are grounding, calming, and even inspiring in the way they cleanse and clear out all negativity. The Juniper spirit is very helpful in its ability to nurture you after clearing away any darkness.

Each wand is 6-10 inches and should last you a long time considering not much is needed to get profound results.

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