Psychic Protection Gemstone Essence


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Crafted with Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, and Blue Tigers Eye.-

This blend of crystals and their energy signature offer deep protection. Our mind, body, and spirit are very sensitive to the world around us. In every moment we are introduced to a new variable that alters our perception and radiance against harm. Crystals have always been an ally against low energy, particularly that which is toxic and withdrawing from positive energy. 

It if you are in a time where you feel depleted, or even unsafe, this gemstone essence can offer you the grounding and clearing you need to gather protection. Psychic Protection also combats against bad intentions and darkness that may be casted at you from harmful people, places, or even habits. 

Taken before bed can offer grace to those who suffer from twisted and scary dreams, and can help shine light on the root of any darkness in your subconscious mind. This gemstone essence heightens your psychic abilities and removes any blocks between you and your divine abilities. 

Enjoy up to 10 drops a day 

Suggested in take is orally with intention & prayer 

Can also be enjoyed in drinks, baths, and cleansing sprays.

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