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New Light is an essence made from Cyclamen flowers and Rose Quartz crystal.

Cyclamen flowers offer an energy medicine that mends the seams to great change. It gifts us a kickstart into our highest prayers and brings you a new level of much needed consciousness. It connects you back to the light and all that nourishes the soul. The Kundalini energy resonates well with this essence and can rise a deeper awareness of self. Cyclamen also brings deep healing into the root chakra as it clears away blockages that help us in the past. This is an essence of moving forward. 

Rose Quartz charged this magic medicine up with its uplifting energy. It offers a heart centered element that brings you into union with your deepest desires. Rose Quartz is a manifestation crystal -making this essence a powerful force in positive change.  

This essence was prepared under the Lions Gate under a last quarter moon on August 8, 2019. The astrological alchemy of the universe has been transferred and coded into the water of this medicine. The Leo energy collected in this essence brings courage so that you can manifest your deepest needs of healing. This essence holds space for integration to take place and new doors to open. 

Enjoy one to nine drops daily alone or in water. 

Contains Essences of Rose Quartz & Cyclamen flowers. Captured in spring water.  Preserved in Brandy.  

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