Juniper & Selenite – Sacred Smoke Wands


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Sacred Smoke Medicine

Since the beginning of time humans have paid reverence to the land through smoke medicine. Gathering native plants and burning them in prayer is one of the most potent paths to protection, connection, and honor. 

These lovely wands are handmade and wildcrafted by Taraney in Central Texas. 

Burning Juniper is a powerful praise to daily rituals and serve as an ally to get you through everyday rhythm’s with grace and ease. Juniper carries a balanced energy, and when used as smoke medicine it will cleanse a space, as well as fill it with bountiful blessings. You can use this smoke wand to ground yourself and anchor your being into the present moment. Traditionally Juniper has been used as a sacred medicine for the divine feminine, and a gate keeper for ceremony. 

Burn Juniper when you awake to each day as on offering of gratitude. Burn Juniper to find yourself in stillness, and allow its energetics to nurture you everyday when needed. 

Selenite is bundled with this sacred smoke wands as an offering to your spiritual cleansing. This crystal is an ally to the sensitive soul and will bring great purification when used.

Combined with Juniper these two medicines will bring you into the now with protection, gratitude, and nurturance. 

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