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Yoni Steaming is a safe, soothing, and sensual practice that we can enjoy at home in complete solitude. Through it, you can create healing, pleasure, and the bountiful gifts of introspection.
Steaming increases the flow of blood to the pelvis / womb space, and restores moisture, vitality, and relaxation into the tissues. The pleasant heat from the rising steam opens the pores so that the medicinal properties of the herbs are delivered directly to the tissue.

I crafted this blend for myself, and now to share with you all. It is beautifully orchestrated to gift physical and energy healing for our holy womb space. The medicinal herbs of Motherwort, Basil, and Damiana bring lovely warmth through the increase of blood circulation. Lovely lavender, Rose, Yarrow bless, protect, and cleanse your sacred center.

To enjoy this medicine all you need is boiling water, at least half a cup of our lovely Yoni Steaming blend, and a long dress / skirt to conceal the steam as you squat over the pot. Some women use a special stool, but any pot will do.
Each purchase comes with a guided ritual card so that you can make this as sacred as you truly need during this intimate time with yourself.

Ingredients // Lavender, Rose, Yarrow, Holy Basil, Motherwort, and Damiana Herbs.
16 oz of dry herb in a reusable jar.

Below is a more in depth description of Yoni Steaming.

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Vaginal steaming, also known as pelvic or yoni steaming, is a profound ritual to enrich femininity and the health of our womb space. Yoni steams combine healing herbs and the warming and beneficial properties of steam to access this deep, sensitive area. It is nourishing for our mind and allows our body to truly relax.

The womb goes through a lot..
Between menstruation, sex, and childbirth, the vagina goes through a lot. … Yoni steaming is an traditional and natural remedy. Women who have build a yoni steaming practices have said that it cleanses the vagina and uterus, regulate menstruation, and ease period cramps and bloating. It is a simple yet profoundly healing ritual that can be enjoyed at home, in solitude. In my personal experience Yoni steaming has expanded my connection with myself, in particular the wellness of my vagina.

As you sit squatting above the rising herbal steam, the lovely scent of plants fills your awareness and your temple. When we do this something magical begins to awaken within ourselves. You rest into ease and a meditative / dreamlike state, and time begins to slow as you nurture the creatrix of your being. As the steam greets bare skin and tender tissue, and your nervous system will relax instantly.

In this moment you will feel safe, nourished, and truly get to know your radical self.

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