Anti-Anxiety Smoke Medicine Blend – Juniper and Lavender


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Juniper and Lavender are two of my favorite medicines to work with, and the main way I take part int heir offerings is through the medicinal smoke they offer. Similar to burning sage these two medicines clear away negativity, but unlink sage they bring in deep nourishment energy which clears away anxiety. 

This is my go to medicine for self-healing. Simply burning this blend when I come home from a long day and dressing myself in its energy instantly take weight off my shoulders and allows me to relax. Just a little bit of smoke is needed for the medicine to be felt. 

For folks who are wanting to move away from sage maybe cause you don’t like the smell, or for sustainability reasons this is an AMAZING alternative. Both plants were sustainably source, Lavender from a local botanica and the Juniper was wild harvested from Central Texas. 

Each wand is 5-8 inches

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