Angel Oracle Card Reading


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You are here for a reason. 

This is a personal oracle card reading specifically drawn for you. 

5 card spread. 

Oracle card are used to communicate deep messages to your from your guides and other higher powers. 

Revealing your life mission, focus for this present moment, and path for the future, card readings are intended to communicate divine messages for you to grow upon.

You will receive this reading though email with photos of each card pulled, in-depth descriptions of the card and what it means for you!  

If you have a specific question or theme for the reading ie: love, relationships, careers, health, ect. it will be specified in our first email conversation. If you do not have a specific question this will be a general reading channeled from your guides to give you any info you need right now.

Additional information I will need is your full name and place of birth so that i can truly tune into your frequency. 

*Your guides sent you here*

We want to show you what is going on behind the scenes. 


You can expect your reading to arrive in your email around 15 days after the order date! This is due to high demand, and the necessity of taking time with each reading and spiritual connection. 

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