Remote Energy Healing Certification
Awaken the Intuitive Healer within

Stepping into the Healers Journey

Learning how to harness your intuition is key to sharing high vibrational energy with the world.
Using your intuition to share & receive healing is a sign of true self mastery.
Wether you want to learn for your own self-healing or to provide healing for others.
Taraney’s Be Your Own Healer course will teach you a wide variety of modalities,
so that you can tap into your own intuitive healing nature.
Are you ready to harness your ability to heal yourself spiritually?
Are you desiring to become emotionally empowered?
Is there an aspect of life that has fallen stagnant and needs some tending?
Are you ready to shift the way you are thinking about your life?
Are you ready to infuse your everyday reality with healing energy and ceremony?

This is for YOU no matter who you are and where you are at!

Join hundreds of women around
the world
to follow your heart & gift healing to the world


Seven section module through in-depth video training
Be Your Own Healer Guidebook
Intuitive Healer Certification
Free 1 month subscription to Earthney’s continued education platform
Direct support and communication with Taraney throughout the training.


What does it mean to be an intuitive / what is your unique connection to the divine?
How to be a channel for healing
Protection for energy healing
Self-healing vs. client healing
Chakras, Meridian, and the Auric Field
Crystal Therapy
Herbs + Energy Healing
Healing trauma through energy work

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