Sacred sessions are for those who are ready to make a positive shift in their reality today

Sacred sessions are for those who are ready
to make a positive shift in their reality today

Whether you are looking for guidance, energy clearing, or even a self-initiation, sacred sessions are your doorway to the life you’ve always dreamed of. 

Working 1-on-1; remotely or in person, we cultivate a state of inner peace that reawakens a source of strength that comes from within . You are encouraged to create a dialog with your inner world, and deep connection with all your guides. Whatever is concerning your heart, mind, or spirit can be enlightened through a sacred session with Taraney. 

Energy therapy sessions are offered, no matter where you are in the world. Remotely we can gather in the sacred essence of our universe, and connect through time and space. In person sessions are currently held in Houston, Tx. 

Sessions are your sacred time to nourish the deepest parts of yourself so that you can show up as your best possible self. They allow you the freedom to explore what true wellness feels like and grant you clarity on even the harshest of troubles. We hope that our sessions bring you to a path of true self-love, divine connection, and inner strength.  

Within Sacred Sessions

An energy healing session is a form of therapy that uses tradition homeopathic modalities to treat a variety of dis-ease causes.
Some of the modalities we work with are:

Reiki Energy healing
Sound Healing 
Crystal Therapy 
Gemstone & Flower Essences 
Kundalini Yoga 
Oracle & Tarot Card Readings 

Every session begins with a consultation where we explore and discuss where you are at. This is where we can create your intentions for your session and all that will come after. From there I will do an intuitive energy reading to tune into your vibration and see what your soul is seeking. By tuning into your bodies subtle energies, karmic ties, and mental/emotional state I can get a better idea of what needs to be addressed in our session.

Either a Flower Essence, breathing technique, or Kundalini yoga practice will be given to you at the end of the session as a form of homework to facilitate an inner revolution post session.

Below is a description of the core practices used in every session

Reiki Energy

Reiki hands-on energy work is based on the ancient Japanese tradition that a therapist can channel energy from the universe and therefore cleanse and balance the bodies entire energy system. We pay close attention to the Chakra system, auric field, and meridians. This form of energy healing offers relief to the pain body, assists in mental/emotional wounds, relieves depression and anxiety, as well as speeds the healing process of most illnesses. Reiki activates the bodies natural healing process so that you can realign with your true state of wellness and emotional well-being.

Sound Healing

Sound is made from natural healing frequencies, and our energy wellness is dependent on keeping the bodies frequency at a high level.
Through sound, we can restore the bodies natural vibration and activate dormant areas of your mind, body, and spirit that have been waiting to be awakened within you. 
Taraney works with tuning forks, singing bowls, and crystal pyramids to charge and cleanse the bio field

Crystal Therapy

During this session, together we pick out crystals that will assist with your specific needs based on our energy reading. During our healing session, I will place the crystals on your body on specific energy centers so that they can work their magic during our session. This offers acupressure and energy healing in the same moments for your total wellness. 

Some of the crystals we work with are amethyst, selenite, a variety of quartz formations, orgonite, hematite, labradorite, aquamarine, citrine, and many more crystals. I hand pick each gemstone myself, and they are always cleansed and cleared after each session to keep their energy fresh and clear for you.  

Book an energy healing session with Earthney

To book your sacred session through our website & Taraney will email you to schedule your sacred session within 24 hours.

Disclaimer: My sessions consist of pure energy healing. The frequency I channel are not mine but is from the universe. All that I do is from a deep space of love and compassion. Any blockages or wounds that come up are a result of suppressed or present blockages within the client. The client is responsible for any issues or complications from previous lives or present life that come up to the surface for healing. Thank you. Together let’s cultivate the enchanted inner world that you deserve. 

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