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Houston Visionary Energy Healer Spiritual Guide and Artist - Taraney Nicole Vigil - Earthney Healing
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Creating Light Corridors

I am Taraney Nicole Vigil!

A Houston based visionary, energy healer, spiritual guide, and artist.

My mission is to assist you in becoming a beacon the best version of yourself.

Through the sacred arts of yoga, reiki, spirit gear, and soul guidance. I pray that my services bring you back into your sovereignty so that you can live a life rooted in personal power and connection to self.

You can find a world of services, products, and spiritual tools on our website! Enjoy, explore, and always reach out. 





Essence Healing Therapy

Adorn yourself in the healing magic of our planet.

Gemstone u0026amp; Flower Essence Therapy is a homeopathic medicine that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit.

Soaking under the full moon or sunlight, the vibrancy of these two Earth medicines are preserved in spring water. The magic cultivates is to be taken for deep inner healing, reverence, and self-fulfilled miracles.

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