Architecture of Her Soul

4.14.2021 @ 6:30 CST
w i t h 
Taraney Nicole

Map the temple of your embodied soul ~ define your essence + its superpowers.
This class is going to unleash a whole new way of being; are you ready?

The Architecture of Her Soul is a guided journey into fine-tuning your energetic signature.
We will define your feminine nature through body mapping + an embodiment activation.
This class is a key code into archetypal living for deeper soul clarity.

This course calls to women who desire deeper coherence with their mind, body, & spirit.
Embody your full self
End shadow shaming
Expand into truth
This is the path of the Priestess. Fully awakened into her full self. 

Step Into The Women You Have Always Desired To Become


In This 2+ hr Zoom Masterclass, we will explore our true self. 
The self that isn’t afraid of being seen. 
We will rewrite the narrative of who we are so that we can embody our full spectrum self. 

The Feminine is the dance between the shadow & the light.
Through the archetypal path, we can clarify who we are in the expression of our shadow + light embodied. Architecture of Her Soul is devoted to women just like you to learn the depths themselves.
In this masterclass, Taraney Nicole will guide you through creating a map of your body as a living temple – alive & well with many feminine archetypes at play. Archetypes are expressions of ourselves that connect to specific desires, emotions, or beliefs. These embodiments are completely independent of right or wrong, they thrive in their difference to offer you full-spectrum womanhood.

In Architecture of Her Soul, you will...

  1. Release all resistance towards feeling + being your full self ~ shame, shadow & all. 
  2. Choose to integrate your emotions as teachers that can only be expressed 1 way ~ fully. 
  3. Define the feminine archetypes that live within you as pillars of your being ~ The Seductress, Enchantress, Warrior, The Slut, The Hermit, The Queen, The Priestess, etc. 
  4. Create a Somatic Map of your Body as a living Temple of knowledge directly from your Soul.
  5. Gain clarity of who you are + how you show up as an embodied woman. 

Are You Ready, Queen?

Hello There,

I am Taraney Nicole, Muse of Earthney
Life & Birth Doula
Women’s Embodiment Guide 
Temple Priestess Healer 

I am here for all of it.
The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful.
I take you beyond the threshold of your suppressed power into complete pleasure. 

Here, we take leaps of faith in getting to know our true self! I hope you join Architecture of her Soul as it is a foundation of my embodied teachings!

Big Love, 
Taraney Nicole Vigil